IP Innovation Management is the subject of a webinar sponsored by Medmarc Insurance Group. This event will be presented by James Hastings of Rothwell Figg. He is the editor of Healthcare Marketing Law.

IP Innovation Management is a process for:

  • identifying
  • capturing
  • protecting; and
  • exploiting

the value inherent in intellectual assets creations.

Life sciences patents are the most filed patents globally. Moreover, the surge in innovation related to health tech, biopharma, digital health, and related fields continues to raise the profile of risks inherent to business. These risks go beyond intellectual property concerns of patent, trade secret, copyright, and trademark. For example, AI and machine learning present new threats that impact a cross-section of legal disciplines, such as:

  • cybersecurity
  • privacy
  • copyright
  • trade secrets
  • FDA
  • FTC

and other regulatory and marketplace issues.

The webinar will present an overview of IP Innovation Management, how to map existing IP innovation management programs within a company, and next steps in implementing these programs within the organization.

Further information may be found at https://www.medmarc.com.